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Bright Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

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Show your vibrant colors while balancing your energy and minding your chakra alignment.

The Design: Bold, bright, and beautiful describe the vibrant colors of the Bright Rainbow Chakra Bracelet. Featuring rectangular beads made of richly colored natural rainbow jasper stone, this wrap will help you bring mindful awareness to your body’s seven energy centers to keep your chakras in balance. As you wear it, meditate on your body's power centers to align the flow of vital prana.

First Chakra (Red): The root chakra is the seat of stability, grounding, and confidence.

Second Chakra (Orange): The sacral chakra nourishes the body’s creative, procreative, and nurturing drives.

Third Chakra (Yellow): The solar plexus is the home of determination, drive, desire, willpower, decision-making, and trust.

Fourth Chakra (Green): The heart chakra allows you to love and be loved and contains the energy of compassion, forgiveness, and hope.

Fifth Chakra (Blue): The throat chakra, when aligned, will help you speak your truth with courage and integrity.

Sixth Chakra (Indigo): This chakra is your "third eye" in traditional yoga and the seat of wisdom, memory, vision, and inspiration.

Seventh Chakra (Violet): The crown chakra is the center of spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, and states of ecstatic bliss.

The Details: This versatile and classy piece is lightweight and extremely wearable for dressy or casual occasions. The seven chakra colors ensure it goes with everything!

  •   Made with deeply colored, all-natural rainbow jasper stones.
  •   Genuine leather used for lashing.
  •   Fastens with decorative stainless steel clasp.
  •   Adjustable fit and durable construction.
  •   Prana Heart gift bag included.