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Angelic Guide Bracelet

Shimmering angel aura quartz crystal to keep your guardian angel near.

The Design: Like the wings of an angel, opalescent “angel aura” quartz glows with gentle energy, enveloping the wearer in a peaceful embrace. Made from natural quartz that has been treated with precious metals, this gemstone is similar to moonstone and beloved by healers because it can heal the body, mind, and spirit with its purity. Angel aura is believed to defend the physical body from sickness by boosting immunity and organ function. The stone brings peace and rest to the mind by sweetening the mood, and is known as an all-around chakra balancer full of loving spiritual energy. It is ideal to use this bracelet during meditation to clear the mind for manifestation and angelic visitation. Serenity now.

The Details: Made of the same type of lovely beads as our popular Angel Aura Lotus Mala, this piece is a true bracelet that is adjustable and easy to wear every day. Each polished bead is threaded on black cord, which sets off the beauty of the stones. The bracelet is finished with a beautiful silver Prana Heart charm and matching tie-end beads.

  • All-natural angel aura quartz beads are 6 mm for a dainty look and comfortable feel.
  • The unique corded design allows for a custom-fit.
  • Comes packaged in a free Prana Heart gift bag