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One With All 7 Bracelet Bundle

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Seven bracelets featuring seven stones--the ultimate healing collection.

The Details: Do you need the nurturing and healing of turquoise for a feeling of interconnectedness and peace? The loving energy of rose quartz and rhodonite for self-confidence? The superior protection of black onyx for grounding and positivity? The practical magic of unakite and picture jasper for managing emotions? The vibrant positivity and motivation of bright carnelian? This fantastic bundle of bracelets has it all!  If you need extra spiritual help--or inspired gifts for loved ones--you are sure to find what you need with this versatile set. 

The Design:  Featuring three of Prana Heart’s best-selling bracelet collections, this bundle contains a total of seven bracelets and featured gemstones. All bracelets are handmade from natural stone and durable elastic threading for a perfect fit. Each of the three sets included comes in a free Prana Heart gift bag.

  • Turquoise Tree of Life Mala Bracelet Stack--Two bracelets of healing turquoise with silver accents are in this set.  Worn together or stacked, these bracelets can help you feel connected to all that is and at peace. One bracelet has a silver-toned tree of life pendant for wisdom and growth.
  • Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Black Onyx Confidence and Love Bracelet Set--A three-bracelet set, each bracelet features a single stone. The rosy pinks of rose quartz and rhodonite radiate love and self-compassion, and black onyx is protective and grounding. Bracelets can be worn separately or stack for a boost of love and confidence.
  • Unakite, Picture Jasper, and Carnelian Positive Change Bracelet Set--Two bracelets make up this powerful set. One bracelet of earthy unakite helps with emotional balance and grounding in the present moment. The second bracelet of green picture jasper and bright coral-hued carnelian allow for the successful navigation of change and with positivity and motivation. Worn together, this set both grounds your energy while uplifting your spirit to give you strength in life’s changes.