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Full Moon Opal Bracelet

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The Full Moon Opal Bracelet features White Howlite and Opal to help you stimulate your Crown Chakra and gain awareness of the spiritual realm

Opal is a mesmerizing stone that stimulates the Crown Chakra, which is our connection to the universe and our spirituality. It promotes emotional healing and enhances awareness of oneself by energizing the Crown Chakra.

White Howlite is a stone of awareness. It can prepare the wearer to receive wisdom from the Higher Self during meditation, and link the user to higher spiritual consciousness.  It is a wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion. It decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation

Wear the Full Moon Opal Bracelet to bring a calm energy into your life, and improve your connection to the spiritual realm. 

  • Excellent for layering!
  • Length: approximately 7 inches, 18 cm
  • Materials: Semi-precious stone - Opal, White Howlite
  • Metal: zinc alloy
  • Comes in a free Prana Heart gift bag