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Power of the Amazon Amazonite Mala

Strength with grace, power with poise.

The Design: If you need to call upon your strength, yet feel balanced and calm, meditating with the Power of the Amazon Amazonite Mala will help you channel your power in harmony with the colors of water and earth elements. Flow with lush turquoise-green shades of amazonite while being grounded by the hues of the earth in natural, multi-colored amazonite.

The Details: With 108 8-millimeter beads, this is a traditional mala necklace that is also sized to be wrapped several times around the wrist if you wish to use it as a prayer bracelet. Silver-toned accent metal  beads set off the beauty of the all-natural amazonite. The mala is finished with a shiny silver pendant inscribed with a stylized lotus to remind you to center your thoughts on your intentions for meditation.

  • Natural multi-colored amazonite
  • Strung on durable, yet flexible, elastic cording.
  • Accents and lotus charm are zinc alloy.
  • Prana Heart gift bag included.

Tags:turquoise, blue-green, earth tones, soothing, calming, amazonite, strength, balance, harmony.