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Magical Labradorite Apple Watch Strap


Be confident and feel secure in classic black and white.

The Design:The new Magical Labradorite Apple Watch Strap was inspired by our best-seller, Natural Black Agate Protection Wrap Bracelet. You can now enjoy the benefits of healing crystal jewelry while simultaneously wearing your smartwatch! This unique, one-of-a-kind Apple Watch Strap features 100% all-natural Labradorite and Zebra Jasper stones.

The Details: A powerful protection stone, Labradorite deflects negative thoughts and unwanted energies. Wear Labradorite and watch your insecurities and fears vanish. This stone calms an overactive mind, eliminates false ideas and beliefs, and balances rational thinking with intuition. Emotionally, it supports self-trust and stability in times of transition.

Zebra Jasper stones are "balancing" stones. This stone aids in discovering an equilibrium between masculine and feminine energies, Yin and Yang. It also helps wearers find their "Tri-Balance" (balance between the mind, body, and spirit). Zebra Jasper stones give you the ability to remain optimistic. Also known for its grounding energy, this stone allows you to tune into Mother Nature and find joy in what surrounds you right now.


  • Natural Labradorite and Zebra Jasper stones
  • Fits 38-44mm Apple Watch Face
  • 3 Loops for Adjustment/Sizing
  • Vegan leather lashing
  • Silver accents of zinc alloy
  • Prana Heart gift bag included.