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Crowning Glory Amethyst Apple Watch Strap


Heighten intuition, open your spirit to possibility, and clarify your soul purpose. Enlightenment wow!

The Design:The new Crowning Glory Amethyst Apple Watch Strap was inspired by our best-seller, The Crowning Glory Amethyst Wrap Bracelet. You can now enjoy the benefits of healing crystal jewelry while simultaneously wearing your smartwatch! This unique, one-of-a-kind Apple Watch Strap features 100% all-natural Amethyst stones.

The Details: Worn on the wrist but made for the crown, our watch strap is fit for a queen but functions for a modern-day yogi.  Your watch will be surrounded by layers of purple jade and vintage silver beads for a passionate purple design that will open, purify, and protect your seventh (crown) chakra. Wear this wrap bracelet to help clear and focus thinking, balance energy and emotions, cleanse emotions, and awaken intuition and spirituality.


  • Natural Amethyst stones
  • Fits 38-44mm Apple Watch Face
  • 3 Loops for Adjustment/Sizing
  • Vegan leather lashing
  • Silver accents of zinc alloy
  • Prana Heart gift bag included.