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Aquatic Ambience Bracelet

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Still waters of the soul run deep and clear as you speak your truth with clarity.

The Design: The mesmerizing blue color of the Aqua Aura and Angel Aura quartz used in this bracelet results from the bonding of quartz crystal with pure gold. This alchemy results in a stone that is both high-shine and high-vibration. Quartz is the queen of clarity, and the color of blue strengthens the throat chakra, making this the perfect piece to wear when you need confidence, clarity, and connection with your truth. The influence of gold on the stone attracts abundance and success while keeping you grounded and peaceful. 

The Details: Made of the same beads as our popular Aqua Aura Lotus Mala, this bracelet is easy to wear and hard to forget. Wear it when you need a boost of confidence and calm. It is the ideal accessory for job interviews, public appearances, or for when you need to speak your mind. It provides energy needed for these tasks while helping you stay calm and collected. A silver Prana Heart charm complements the light sea-blue of the bracelet and completes the look.

  • Each 6 mm bead is strung on adjustable white cord for a lightweight yet lasting accessory.
  • The corded design allows for a custom fit and feel.
  • Comes in a free Prana Heart gift bag.