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Calming Clarity Mala Bundle

Speak your truth in power and peace.

The Design: Some days you need both courage and calm. Soothe your spirit and clear your mind with this unique set of two malas from Prana Heart. This balancing duo of heavenly blue chalcedony paired with earth-toned and water-hued amazonite will help to both ground and inspire you in harmony with the elements

The Details: This bundle contains two of our bestselling malas which can be worn as necklaces or bracelets. Handmade with 108 all-natural gemstone beads and finished with silver accents and lotus charm, each mala comes nestled in a free Prana Heart gift bag--perfect for gift-giving or travel.

  • Comforting Caress Blue Chalcedony Mala: Feel your tension melt away while meditating with the calming power of celestial blue chalcedony. This gemstone helps to balance and strengthen the throat chakra, facilitating clear and heartfelt communication. 
  • Power of the Amazon Amazonite Mala: In shades of earth and sea, calm and colorful amazonite is the perfect stone to ground you in the present moment and prepare you to go with the flow of life.