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December 29, 2020 7 min read

Spiritual seeker, yoga enthusiast, dedicated meditator, or fashionista on your list? Prana Heart recommends these thoughtful gifts. Show your love over the holidays with a lasting and meaningful gift. Also, all purchases in this gift guide come ready to go in a free, luxe Prana Heart gift bag. We hope you love giving these beautiful goods as much as the recipient enjoys receiving them!

Best Gifts for Your Budget

When you are on a budget but still need to show how much you care, Prana Heart has you covered. The gifts below are all under $20. Like all our jewelry, these pieces are handmade from all-natural gemstones. Thoughtful, practical, and perfect for so many on your gift list.

7 Chakra Healing Heart Bracelet

This is a great all-around gift suitable for anyone. This bracelet has stones in each color of the rainbow and supports and balances the chakras. Purple amethyst is for the crown chakra. Blue lapis lazuli opens the third-eye, and turquoise assists the throat chakra. Green aventurine represents the heart. Tiger eye supports the solar plexus and citrine is for the sacral chakra. Finally, red agate grounds the root chakra. Silver accents and black beads finish the bracelet to ground the energy and balance the look. A silver heart polishes off the design and is sure to remind the gifted one of your love.

7 chakra rainbow bracelet with silver accents

Rave Reviews:

I bought the bracelet for my 9-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it! She tells all her friends and cousins about it and she knows how to identify all the colors within the bracelet!!! I'm very happy with the purchase I made!!!--Rachel H.

Love the look, the weight, quality, design and mostly how it makes me feel when I wear it! So grounded positive and balanced.--Julie V.

Buddhist Red Sandalwood Mala

The 108 highly-polished sandalwood beads of this mala are gorgeous. Meant as a meditation piece, this mala will give your loved one a beautiful focus for meditation. Sandalwood is also considered to boost immunity and impart peaceful vibes. This is a gift to treasure for years to come.

red sandalwood Buddhist mala necklace or bracelet

Rave Reviews:

I love the deep color. I wear it everyday.--Griselda R.

I love the color and the size of the beads. I wear this bracelet every day and it's not only pretty but it is a lovely tool for me to use in meditation, as a way to focus, and as a stress relief aid. Great bracelet all around.--Kristine M.

Amethyst Gemstoke Reiki Healing Pendant

This necklace is a stunner and sure to please. The vivid purple of the polished amethyst wand is enhanced by silver findings and chain. Amethyst is a powerful stone for spiritual clarity and an all-around chakra-balancer. All those benefits in such a pretty package!

amethyst point pendant with silver accents

Rave Reviews:

Just felt in Love the first time I saw it. The stone was calling me, now I hardly take it off. I like how it’s not in the way, it’s at the right angle. It’s not heavy to carry, weight is just delightful.--Yosandy V.

I love my Amethyst pendant! looks stunning with anything and everything I wear and I have received many compliments!!..♥️♥️♥️--Tina T.

Gift Guide Bundles

These bundles are new to our gift guide and offer great value at an affordable price. All bundles contain many items, as listed, so you can give someone an extra-special gift. Or, you can keep a lovely piece for yourself or split among friends or family members. There are so many possibilities with these bundles.

Calming Clarity Mala Bundle

The two malas in this set work well together, or as individual pieces. The Comforting Caress Blue Chalcedony Mala is serene in an enchanting baby blue hue. The Power of the Amazon Mala is grounding with earthy amazonite. Both malas are perfect to enhance meditation practice.

Calming Clarity Mala bundle of two bracelets

Rave Reviews:

This is the most beautiful jewelry that I have ever seen. It is extremely well made and the colors and simply gorgeous. The packaging is amazing and I can't say enough on how happy I am with my purchase.--Delphine J.

Was so excited for this combo! Was not disappointed. Love, love, love it!--Donna S.

One With All 7 Bracelet Bundle

This is a fantastic gift for the sacred gem-lover in your life. This bundle has seven of Prana Heart’s most popular bracelets, in three coordinated sets. Your recipient can mix and match to their heart’s content. This bundle is also perfect to share with 7 special friends or family members.

The bundle includes:

Turquoise Tree of Life Mala Bracelet Stack

Turquoise and silver for wisdom and growth, each bracelet has a tree of life charm.

Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Black Onyx Confidence and Love Bracelet Set

Our popular Love and Confidence set helps you connect with your heart with three bracelets. Each bracelet of rose quartz, rhodonite, or black onyx imparts self-compassion

Unakite, Picture Jasper, and Carnelian Positive Change Bracelet Set

The unakite bracelet of this duo is grounding, while the bright hues of the picture jasper and carnelian bracelet inspire confidence and action.

One With All 7 Bracelet Bundle

Rave Reviews:

I absolutely love these bracelets....i have been looking for something positive to wear...this is better than positive...they reminded me to slow down and be kind to myself...well made. Fast delivery...great customer care ❤--Jerie F.

I love all the bracelets I received. It is hard to pick a favorite. I am looking forward to adding more to my collection!--Alana F.

Master Meditation Bracelet Collection

The ultimate collection, the Master Meditation Bracelet Collection, contains nine (yes, nine!) individual Prana Heart creations. Six of the collection are true bracelets with polished stones on easy-fit elastic. The remaining three pieces are malas and can be either worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrist. So much variety! This set is perfect to divvy up into several thoughtful gifts. You might want to keep some for yourself!

The bundle contains one each of these great designs:

Lapis Lazuli Hamsa Mala Diffuser Bracelet

This calming beauty in blue has a hamsa hand for protection. Lava stone beads diffuse your favorite essential oil or perfume for ultimate relaxation.

Picture Jasper, Sodalite & Aquamarine Mala Bracelet

So soothing in calm neutrals and sea-breeze blues, this mala is perfect for meditation.

African Turquoise Mala Bracelet

Green African turquoise inspires growth and healing in this captivating and easy-to-wear favorite.

Black Onyx & Green Jade Hamsa Wrap Bracelet

Feel twice-proteted with defensive onyx and a hamsa charm. The bright green jade of this wrap adds wisdom and balance to this design.

Howlite & Jasper Tree of Life Mala Bracelet

This mala is perfect for stability and will help all who hold it find inner balance and wisdom.

Blue Jasper/Black Lava Hamsa Bracelet

Turquoise, silver, and black are a classic combo in this healing and stylish bracelet.

7 Stone Chakra Mala Bracelet

All the colors of the rainbow combine in one vibrant bracelet! The perfect piece to balance chakras and provide healing and inner peace.

7 Chakra Reiki Healing Heart Bracelet

This bracelet balances all seven chakra colors with black and silver. This design encourages peace and alignment.

Master Meditation 9 Bracelet Bundle

Rave Reviews:

All 9 bracelets are beautiful. I gifted most of them and each person were so happy with how lovely they were. Thank you.--Lorna W.

I bought the collection to give as gifts. I'm keeping them all!😉--Beth N.

Gift Guide by Benefit

Here are a few handpicked gift ideas if you want to help a loved one with a particular issue.


Howlite and Jasper Tree of Life Bracelet

Even the light blue and white colors of this bracelet are peaceful, and howlite and jasper are known for nurturing inner peace and self-awareness.

Howlite and Jasper Tree of Life Bracelet

Rave Reviews:

My Howlite and Jasper bracelet is beautiful! The tree of life medallion holds special meaning for me. The workmanship is very fine...obviously attention is paid to every detail. Love my bracelet! Thank you PranaHeart!--Linda C.

I was thrilled to find both white howlite and jasper coming together in one bracelet, and even more thrilled when I received it. The color, the quality, the energy of it....beautiful!--Louise T.


Rose Quartz Love Mala Bundle

Rose quartz is the quintessential gemstone of love, and here it is strengthened by clarifying amethyst and nurturing jade in a bundle of 3 malas perfect for gift-giving.

rose quartz mala, rose quartz and aventurine mala, and rose quartz and aventurine 3 mala bundle

Rave Reviews:

I am really very pleased with the 3 Malas. Rose quartz with amethyst and with jade. They are on an elastic string which allows for greater flexibility. I can highly recommend for quality of bracelet, ease of ordering and the arrival time to Ireland was 3 weeks. They are really beautiful to wear and comfortable too.--Sinead F.

I love these products!!! I gave them as gifts and everyone loved them!--Eugenia L.


Triple Power Protection Bracelet

For strength, confidence, and shielding from energy or harm, this bracelet has no equal. Hematite, obsidian, and tiger eye are all powerful shielding and grounding stones and make for a striking jewelry design

Tiger eye, hematite, and obsidian Triple Power Protection bracelet

Rave Reviews:

I work in the hospital and I need this triple protection. I am wearing all the time. Love it.--Natalia L.

I love this bracelet. It’s so powerful and the vibrations are serious... Dude these stones are the real deal. 🥰😆🥰--Dayshonda M.


African Turquoise Tree of Life Bracelet

Give the gift of confidence and success with a unique woven bracelet. African Turquoise is reputed to be the stone of prosperity, and the tree of life charm adds wisdom with style.


African Turquoise Tree of Life Bracelet

Rave Reviews:

I just love my African Turquoise tree of life bracelet. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but so many positives vibes came from this beautiful piece. I instantly put it on straight out of my mailbox and within minutes my thoughts were clearer and so many good things happened that same day and continue to happen. My mental health was the main part that I felt change that day. With being home so much I was falling into deep depression. I now feel and see things differently. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I have shared this with my friends and family and they too have ordered now.--Meredith C.

I normally hate jewelry. My husband bought this bracelet for me because I needed something to lift my spirit during 2020 and all that it entails. I love this bracelet. It’s super easy to put on and the design is quite beautiful!--Aileen H.


True Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

If you need to help someone face a challenge, this bracelet of blue tiger's eye is an eye-catching reminder to take courage. The stone is both soothing and empowering--perfect as a confidence boost.


True Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Rave Reviews:

Really stunning blue stone - bought it for the qualities - beyond impressed with the color saturation of the stone.--Karen M.

Stunning colors. Feel the presence already. I love it!!--Patricia W. 

Gifts That Keep Giving

No matter what you choose from this guide, whether a single mala or a bundle of bracelets, you can know without a doubt that your gift will be cherished for years to come. Each item comes ready for gift-giving in a top-quality Prana Heart gift bag. And you can rest assured that each piece is handmade of all-natural materials and lives up to our Prana Heart standard of quality and goal of encouraging everyday mindfulness. Happy gifting!




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