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December 30, 2020 2 min read

Did Dry January do you in?  Did the winter doldrums of February hit a bit too hard? If so, you might need a boost from amethyst, the brilliant birthstone of winter’s shortest month. Beyond its purple beauty, this quartz of February births also has remarkable historical and healing properties. Amethyst can be worn for its intrigue, its healing properties, or simply for its stunning wine-grape tones and sparkle.

Amazing history--Gods, saints, bishops, and...hangover prevention?

Long linked with the Roman water god, Neptune, and his month of February, amethyst is unsurprisingly the birthstone of the month and therefore of the astrological water-sign, Pisces. Amethyst is also known as the Bishop’s Stone, since it is the stone of the month of Saint Valentine’s love--and also because amethyst was once more costly and precious than diamonds.  Amethyst has long been a part of the crown jewels of British royalty, and it is even the emblem for the twelve apostles of Jesus.

Before these associations of love and luxury, however, the Greeks gave amethyst its name by calling itametusthos, meaning sobriety (literally “not intoxicated”). Amethyst was associated with Bacchus, the God of Wine, due to its grape color, and its use in drinking vessels was believed to prevent drunkenness and its consequential hazards stemming from lessened control and heightened passions. The sobering effect of amethyst was even believed by Catholic bishops to prevent intoxication by the world and keep their minds on heavenly matters, making it doubly effective as the Bishop’s Stone!

Amazing healing--Good for (most) all that ails

Amethyst is believed today to have healing properties beyond hangovers. In fact, it is one of the most popular healing stones and beloved for assistance with ailments of the body and spirit.

Physical healing with amethyst

If there is an all-purpose stone for physical healing, amethyst might be it. Amethyst is believed to:

  • Protect from outer harm
  • Work as a natural tranquilizer
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Ease headaches and digestive issues
  • Assist with insomnia
  • Strengthen immune system and metabolism
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Fight cancer and lung diseases
  • Help with hearing loss
  • Aid in sobriety from drugs and alcohol

Spiritual healing with amethyst

Amethyst also packs a metaphysical punch and is beloved by those who use it to:

  • Protect from psychic attack and electromagnetic frequencies
  • Aid in the understanding of dreams
  • Dispel negative energy and transform painful emotions
  • Strengthen intelligence and clarify thought
  • Soothe grief
  • Assist with meditation and connection with the Divine

Amazing Amethyst Jewelry from Prana Heart

With its beauty, history, and marvelous powers, it is no wonder that amethyst is a best-seller. Pretty and powerful--it’s a win win when you buy amethyst creations from Prana Heart!

To empower yourself with amethyst, try our Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala. This piece is amazing for everyday wear as a bracelet or necklace, and it is perfect for meditation use.

Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala


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