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Passion Heart Jasper Bracelet

Bring Passion to your Heart with this stunning handmade Jasper stone bracelet. Wear it for energy healing and to return the whole body to a state of pure unconditional love.

Jasper has been used for centuries by ancient healers and gurus as a healing and nurturing stone which can provide courage and wisdom. Jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth's Energy, making its healing properties very beneficial for Grounding, Stability and Strength.

Wear the Passion Heart Jasper Bracelet to bring a calm energy into your life, and improve your connection to the spiritual realm. 

  • Excellent for layering!
  • Length: approximately 7 inches, 18 cm
  • Materials: Semi-precious stone - Red Jasper
  • Metal: zinc alloy
  • Comes in a free Prana Heart gift bag