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December 29, 2020 6 min read

Each year, people use the turning of the calendar to January 1 as a natural starting point for goals or resolutions. And each year, many people have forgotten or given up on their goals by February. If you go to a gym regularly, you know first-hand that the lines for the good treadmills don’t last very long into the new year.

In fact, goals made in January rarely even last until February. Studies show that  77% of people are able to follow-through on resolutions for about a week, and most have abandoned their goals by mid-January.  Only 19% of people ever meet their new year’s goals--and even that is when measured after two years!

Reasons Why Resolutions Fail

Why do so many have trouble following through with their goals for the new year? That can vary by person, of course, but there seem to be four main reasons. 

First, many people take on too many goals. The list below outlines ten of the most common areas for goals and resolutions, but you don’t need to do all of them! In fact, your chances for success will be much better if you choose only a few goals to concentrate on. Choose 2-3 specific goals that are most important to you and that will move you closer to your potential.

Second, sometimes people do not reach their goals because those goals are not specific enough and too nebulous. This is a big one. Especially when we "resolve" to do something in the new year, it is stated very broadly. "This year I'll lose weight." But how much? By when? "This year, I'll get healthier!" What does that even mean? Healthier in what way? 

Broad resolutions need to be broken down into SMART goals. You have probably read about this before, but a SMART goal meets the letters of the acronym:






A SMART weight loss goal might be: "I will lose 20 pounds (specific and measurable) by the end of the year (realistic and time-bound) by tracking my meals and working out 4 times per week (actionable)."

Third, sometimes resolutions will fail because they are negatively framed or worded or they come from a place of shame rather than hope. "Stop eating too much" or "don't eat junk food" are more negative that "achieve a healthy weight"--and they are also less measurable and leave no wiggle room. You either pass or fail, and falling off the wagon might lead some people to give up the goal entirely. Make sure to word goals in a positive manner for a positive outcome.

Fourth, people make resolutions based on what they think they SHOULD do rather than authentic, personally-important goals. Don't set a goal unless you have a drive to do it and know it will positively change your life. Also, goals set on outputs (looking a certain way or making an exact amount of dollars) are harder to control than goals based on input (your health and savings habits each day).

Gems and Crystals to Support Resolutions

It’s tempting to give up on New Year’s Resolutions given how hard they are to keep. However, if your goals are limited in number, positive, have a specific measurement of success, and are truly important to you, there are actions you can take to help yourself along the way.

At Prana Heart, we know that everyday mindfulness is part of this equation, and that healing gems and crystals not only strengthen your resolutions, but are the perfect, tangible reminder of your goals.  Below are some common goal categories, and the stones and crystals that work to support them. You can find a favorite Prana Heart item to help you with each of your new-year goals!

Exercise Goals

Several gems and crystal can help with the endurance side of exercise. Consider wearing or carrying black onyx for stamina and feelings of personal power or tiger eye for action and ferocious power! The Black Onyx Lotus Mala from Prana Heart gives you the physical power of onyx and is perfect for setting strong intentions for physical health.  The Triple Power Protection Bracelet from Prana Heart is a perfectly-portable piece charged with activating tiger eye along with willpower-strengthening hematite and obsidian.

Healthy Weight Goals

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight mostly depends on making good food choices, day in and day out. Having both willpower and focus will aid this goal. Meditating with the blue apatite found in the Inner Peace Lotus Mala  is a way to supercharge your intention of weight loss or maintenance in the new year. Blue Apatite is thought to enhance mental clarity, focus, and metabolism. A win-win-win!

For a wearable meditation and reminder of your goal, consider the Picture Jasper, Sodalite, and Aquamarine Mala BraceletBlue sodalite is considered to be a powerful stone for boosting metabolism.

Picture Jasper, Sodalite, and Aquamarine Mala BraceletPicture Jasper, Sodalite, and Aquamarine Mala Bracelet

Money, Abundance, and Success Goals

If you desire abundance in the new year, vibrant orange citrine is a powerful ally. Consider holding a piece of citrine while visualizing your goals, or wear your intention with this citrine found in the 7 Chakra Orgone Pendant. With this piece, you get the power of citrine with the balancing power of six other chakra-balancing gemstones.

Also, any of the green "money stones" of various cultures can assist with financial abundance. Green aventurine can help you release any subconscious blockages you might have around wealth. Green aventurine combined with the loving vibrations of rose quartz in Prana Heart's Natural Green Aventurine andRose Quartz Lotus Mala is an ideal meditation piece for the new year. 

Prana Heart's Natural Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz Lotus Mala

Better Sleep and Relaxation Goals

For better sleep, lovely and popular amethyst is the number-one remedy. Sleeping with amethyst under your pillow is said to provide peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams because it can aid any physical ailments and also clarify the mind. If you'd rather wear this beautiful stone rather than hide it under your pillow, the Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala from Prana Heart is a perfect choice. It can be worn as a bracelet or necklace in addition to serving as a meditation focus.

Rose quartz is also a good stone for sleep and relaxation because of its loving energy and peaceful vibes. You can wear it combined with amethyst for extra-strength bliss with the Natural Amethyst and Rose Quartz Mala.

Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala Natural Amethyst and Rose Quartz Mala

Spiritual Growth Goals

If you resolve to grow spiritually in the new year, you will find strength and clarity by using powerful clear quartz. Keeping a quartz point in your meditation space can help you strengthen this goal, and you can wear the power of the universal crystal with the Creativity andIntuition Mala from Prana Heart. The labradorite and aquamarine in the mala are also supportive of you inner spirit and spiritual communication.

The Angelic Guide Bracelet made with enhanced angel aura quartz is also a powerful tool for spiritual growth that you can wear everyday to feel close to the spiritual realm.

Creativity and Intuition MalaAngelic Guide Bracelet


Focus and Motivation Goals

For any New Year's resolutions, you need to focus your energy on actions that help you get results and maintain motivation.  Blue tiger eye is an excellent stone for calm focus as it combines the go-getting determination of tiger eye with the soothing color of blue. Prana Heart's True Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet is a perfect piece to wear daily to help with any of your goals.

Hematite is also powerful medicine for willpower and motivation and can also boost self-confidence and self-discipline. Wear our Hematite and Black Onyx Hamsa Bracelet to help you with your inner goals and protect you from outside negativity. 

True Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Hematite and Black Onyx Hamsa Bracelet

For All Your Goals

For all of these goals, and many more, an all-purpose, powerful symbol of your intention for change is the Positive Change Bracelet Set. Unakite can help you be present in the now, carnelian helps motivation and focus, and picture jasper helps you let go of any past energies not serving you. It's the perfect complement to your overall life intentions in a brand new year.

Positive Change Bracelet Set

Make Your Dreams Happen!

This year can be your best year ever. Even if the past year was a struggle, now is the time to start fresh and make new goals for a new and improved you. A daily practice of meditation can give you strength and clarity on your journey, and all of Prana Heart's products are designed to help you be mindful in each new day. Let us know in the comments what your goals are for the new year and the crystals and gemstones you might use to help make it your best, most productive year ever. What are your dreams for 2021?


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